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in Cuba and Latin America
How Can I Help

Our goal here at ICON Missions is to be a source of provision for people ministering in the name of Jesus, who are not able to be compensated for what they do. Most all the pastors we have met in Cuba have had to choose between serving Christ and a secular job. 

We are asking YOU to prayerfully consider helping us support them. $25 a month is just about the average wage for a full time worker in Cuba. With the resource available to the church in the U.S. we believe we can help pastors concentrate on their calling, without having to worry about feeding their own children. 

Please consider becoming a full time supporter of ICON Missions. Any gift, regardless of size, is very helpful. We are asking for monthly gifts for pastors' monthly support, as well as gifts to offset our expenses as we minister in Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

Look on our 'Contact Us' page, leave your information, and we will get back with you.

Thanks, and God Bless.

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